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Various Hammocks and Hammock Chairs  produced by Marañon

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In the heart of Amsterdam on the famous Flowermarket you will find our beautifully refurbished Marañon Hammocks store. For over 30 years we have specialized in Hammocks, Hanging chairs and everything related. Besides our own manufactured Hammock and Hammock Chair Collection we also supply various Hammock Stands and Hanging Chair Supports and accessories.

You are very welcome to test our Hammocks and Hanging Chairs in our store. No worries if you cannot make it to our hammocks shop in Amsterdam or the showroom in Aalsmeer. The entire Hammmock Collection can also be viewed and ordered through our online webshop.

Marañon sells the original South and Central American hammocks and not the copied versions from China. Beware that Hammocks with spreading poles on both sides of the hammock have the tendency to tilt. Therefore we recommend you to use our stronger South American type hammock which allows you to lay across much comfortably and remain stable.

We carry various sizes from baby and kids hammocks or single hammocks to giant double hammocks with or without stand. There is even a hammock set for the whole family.

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